Sick and home alone, part 2

No, I’m not talking about a movie marathon of that series, although watching movies is one of my suggestions for keeping yourself sane when you’re home alone and cooped up inside. 

Personally I prefer boxed sets of TV shows (I suppose I should get with the program and stream them rather than show my age by referring to “boxed sets”). But whatever the delivery mechanism, being in bed is the perfect time to watch your favourite TV shows without interruption or judgement. Plus the talking will make you feel like there’s someone keeping you company, if company is what you feel like. 

One great thing about digital life is that it enables living alone in a way that was difficult for previous generations. Heck, you don’t even have to leave the house and talk to anyone in order to get what you need. 

My current favourite thing is online grocery shopping.  When I’m too sick or too tired to go out I can get my grocery shopping done for me and either collect it or have it delivered. The latter is my preferred option except I feel so guilty doing it because the supermarket is only about .5km away. I’m sure they don’t judge but I’d feel compelled to explain that I have RA and I can’t lift or carry heavy bags … 

Being sick at home when you live alone isn’t a party, but it’s survivable as long as you have the Internet 🙂