Coming home to an empty house

I love coming home to my empty house. 

One reason is that my house is warm. When I bought it I had central heating installed, and it’s on a timer so it warms up before I come home. It’s lovely coming through the door into warmth — it makes all the difference. 

My house also smells lovely to walk into. I have polished floorboards and they still exude a lovely scent. I love baking too, so if I’ve been busy in the kitchen the scent lingers to greet me. 

I also like the silence when I come in. After a noisy day at work, it’s such a relief to walk in to the sound of nothing. 

The one thing I do miss coming home to is my little cat. She was mentally disturbed and in the end I had to put her down, but hearing her little welcoming meow when I came in is something I still half expect to hear. And I’m disappointed when I don’t. 

Far from dreading it, I love coming into my empty house. Not because it’s empty but because it’s mine.