Solo sports

I’m sure it won’t come as a surprise to learn I’m not a big fan of team sports. I don’t watch or play them. 

When I was younger I played netball and hockey; and as an adult I played soccer. I also played tennis for years – not exactly a team sport but it does require at least one other person. 

I don’t play any of these any more. I don’t know if my declining interest was a driver of or driven by my increasing desire for solitude but the outcome has been the same: no more team sports for me. 

The sports I do enjoy are running, golf, hiking, skiing and fly fishing. All are well suited to the single life, with the possible exception of hiking, which, for safety’s sake, really should be done with others. 

The great thing about these activities is that they don’t require other people. Most people think of golf as a social game and it can be, but since you hit your own ball it is really more a solo game that is played in the company of others. 

Running too can be the ultimate solo activity, or can be one heck of a group activity (how many other sports see a field as large as a major marathon event?) 

The beauty of these activities is the choice. If you’re on your own and don’t feel like being with others you can still enjoy your favourite sport. And if you do want company, they’re amenable to inclusion. 

So no excuse to stay home on the couch because you’ve got no one to play with.