Solo mid winter holiday

It’s been cold and wet. What better time for a mid winter getaway. 

I’ve booked five days in a hotel. I’m planning on sitting by the pool, going for walks, sketching and reading. 

I’m hoping to upgrade my room to one with a balcony, so I can sit in solitude observing the world and keeping to myself. 

When I’ve told people where I’m going they’re quick to recommend local attractions and distractions: zoos, national parks, amusement parks, shopping etc.  

It seems incomprehensible to most extroverted people that I’d go on holiday alone. That having done so, I wouldn’t make every effort to be around people, only adds to their bafflement. 

But I’m really looking forward to it. I look forward to spending time people watching without having to make conversation. I’m looking forward to losing myself for hours in a book or in a sketch or a walk. 

Most of all I’m looking forward to being alone. Which is ironic really.