Balancing company and solitude at work

I’m fortunate that I work with a great bunch of people. There are six of us in our team and we all get along well. We have complementary skills, so we rarely encroach on one another’s turf and we frequently seek out one another’s expertise. Our team leader is an excellent manager, both highly efficient and very laid back so there’s never any stress generated by him even when the Higher Ups are running around like headless chickens.

We also laugh. A lot. There is non-stop ribbing of one another, and endless poking of fun at the wider organisation, taking the heat and self-importance out of the situations we find ourselves in. Don’t get me wrong: we’re very professional in our work in terms of what we deliver and how we present it, but within the team no-one is allowed to feel too important or too indispensable.

We seem to have struck a balance between knowing enough about what is happening in one another’s lives to care, but not so much that we feel like we’re enmeshed in one another’s problems.

This is a vital support group for me. At times in the past, I’ve wondered how long it would be before anyone would notice if I were to collapse at home and not show up for work. I’m pretty sure someone in my current team would not only notice but they’d come round to find out what’s wrong.

Much as the idea of working from home appeals to me, I recognise even in my most solitary moments, that it’s reassuring to know that there are people who would notice if I weren’t around. I value their company at work as much as I value my privacy at home.