Am I still good at being with people?

I’ve been on holiday again, this time a long weekend in Melbourne. I came to see a friend from the US who is here for a couple of weeks and whom I haven’t seen for about 20 years. 

It’s been great. It’s also been exhausting. She is a great talker and that is, for me, very tiring. I feel like I am besieged by words after a while, and desperately need some silence. She, being an extrovert, believes silence is waiting to be filled. 

This kind of visit is always going to be a pressure cooker, because we’re  thrown together into one another’s company after so much time apart. It’s not like when we lived in the same town and could catch up for coffee once every few days, rather than eating breakfast, lunch and dinner together. 

Now, don’t misunderstand my point here. We get along very well and I have thoroughly enjoyed being with her. 

It’s simply that it’s difficult to go from “no human interaction for a weekend” to “24/7 company at 100 kph”. 

It’s made me quite conscious of just how much time I typically spend alone. Is it too much? Am I out of practice at being with people? Have I forgotten how to play nicely with others? 

I visited a relative, I spent the afternoon with a former colleague, and my US friend and I spent a whole day with two of her colleagues driving and exploring the coast. 

So I’ve had lots of contact with people and I think I behaved myself. But perhaps I should ask them. I may have become oblivious.