Setting goals for the year

For a while there I wasn’t really in a frame of mind to think about goals for the coming year. I’m still intending to do the Groundhog Day system so come 2/2 I will be ready for my first review. But what to review?

I worked through an exercise that started with reviewing what I did in 2015 and how I felt about it. I concluded that last year sucked. I summed it up with “tired, aimless, uneventful”. That last isn’t strictly true because it had its share of events (my sister’s death, for example) but overall the major impression it left me with was that not a lot that was good or joyful happened.

Surprisingly, realising this put me in a good mood, probably because the year is over and behind me. So I started to think about what I’d like to do this year. I came up with:

  • Take a trip to Norway & Iceland, and one to Australia (maybe Sydney this time)
  • Get my wardrobe/style sorted – dress in a way that feels most like me
  • Eat healthy meals [I’ve been cooking from A Modern Way to Cook by Anna Jones and it’s delicious]
  • Get back into running and back up to 10K [this depends a lot on the state of my knee and on the RA, but so far it’s looking possible, I’m up to 4K]
  • Find my professional niche

This last is the one I struggle most with. The others I feel like I already have in hand at least as far as having a plan of attack goes. But the work one is trickier.

I have just got a new job and will start sometime in the next month or so.  I have an opportunity to make it into something I really want because it’s quite open ended in its definition. This is more or less a dream job situation, except I don’t know what my dream job looks like and how it might work. So this is what I need to focus on, figuring out what I’d like the job to be and where I’d like to take it.

This is a first world problem, no doubt about it.