The morally superior humblebrag

To be fair, it’s not Facebook’s fault that people post annoying things on it. My latest peeve is a variation of the Humblebrag that I have decided is the Morally Superior Humblebrag.

This is a typical scenario based very loosely on a recent post that invaded my feed:

I was driving home when I noticed a [person behaving is some odd way that leads to judgement from others]. Drivers were honking at her, passers by avoided her, people hurled abuse etc. I was the only one who stopped to help. I realised she was suffering from some condition for which miraculously I had something appropriate in my handbag/car. I drove her to hospital where the doctors said she’d have died without my help [crucial detail – I saved a life here, I’m a hero but I don’t want to brag …]What is wrong with people that they are so selfish that no one stopped to help? No one cares any more and society is going to the dogs.

In other words: thank god for me, I’m better than all those other people.

It’s a narcissistic retelling of the Good Samaritan story, although rather missing the point of that parable.

Why not just announce, “I did a pretty awesome thing today and therefore I’m a really Good Person”? Because that is how it sounds when the ‘outrage’ directed at others is stripped away.

Self praise is no reference. Especially not when it’s feebly disguised under a pile of contempt for the behaviour of others.