A glut of social activity undoes me

I have had three invitations in the past month: to a movie, to dinner, and to a wedding. For someone who rarely goes out, this represents a glut of activity.

I  was completely freaked out by the movie invitation. In the end, I didn’t go, partly because the movie time was well past my bed time on a school night (or any night for that matter) and mostly because the intention of the invitee was ambiguous enough to make me nervous and I really didn’t want to have an awkward clarifying conversation to the effect that I wasn’t interested ‘that’ way.

The dinner invitation was less fraught as it was with a couple. My reservation about being invited out for dinner is that I cannot do late nights, and I feel so uninteresting as a result of not going anywhere other than work that I doubt my ability to hold up my end of the conversation. As it turned out, this invitation has had to be rescheduled several times so may end up being a weekend coffee instead if we’re ever going to see one another.

The wedding invitation is anxiety-inducing. I was very  flattered to be asked, and I have no doubt it will be a lovely event. It’s still a few months away so I have time to prepare. My anxiety is of the ‘will I know anyone there’ and ‘what will I wear’ variety. Both are manageable. I will need to shop for a suitable dress and shoes and I have plenty of time to do that. As for making conversation, the beauty of weddings is that there is one opening line that never gets old or seems forced: “How do you know the couple?” I’m sure I’ll cope.

Most people would attend this many activities in a week and still have room and energy for more. It’s a bit sobering to realise how shrunken my sense of a social life has become when invitations to three events in a month constitutes a glut. Especially when two of them didn’t materialise and the third one is still months away.