Recovering from being social

Two weeks ago I attended the wedding, and while I enjoyed it very much it also involved what is now for me a very late night: 11pm. The following day I decided to go for a hike with a friend as the weather was stunning, walking is good for me, and my friend has RA too so we could compare notes and commiserate while enjoying the views and the day. We ended up walking about 6km which isn’t a huge distance. 

Apparently this was all too much for me. It set off a flare of symptoms that saw me in bed for three days. On day 2 I almost fainted after getting out of the shower and had to lie on the bathroom floor for about 15 minutes before I could crawl, literally, back to bed. I also ran low on food because I hadn’t shopped for groceries over the weekend, being too busy dollying myself up for the wedding, and hiking. 

This was all rather demoralising. I obviously felt good enough after the wedding to entertain the idea of a hike, and although the hike was fairly strenuous I didn’t think I’d pushed myself too much. My body disagreed. 

I have very little resilience it seems. I do recover eventually but I’m inclined to think three days in bed is a very high price to pay for having a mildly active weekend. 

So I’m having a much quieter weekend. I’ve done my grocery shopping because being confined to bed is even less fun when you’re hungry. The most strenuous that things are going to get is wrestling the duvet into a clean cover, which I can then have a nap on.