What to say

I’m not American so I didn’t vote in the election. But it affected me nonetheless. For one thing, for the past two years my RSS feed has been full of commentary on everything to do with the campaigns. If nothing else I am hugely (or is that yugely) relieved the whole ugly mess has come to an end. And what an end. 

The dynamic of the race and what it says about Americans’ changing view of politics and “the system” is on one level fascinating. I did enough political science at uni to have some interest in that aspect of it. 

But what I find saddest is that playing to racist fears, xenophobia, and misogyny worked. That there’s a large enough group of  (mostly white) Americans who believe that continuing to oppress others is the only way ahead. Apparently Making America Great Again requires Making America Hate Again. 

I don’t know what to say to my American friends. They didn’t vote for this but they’re stuck with the consequences.