Alone for the holidays? Bliss!

There are certain times of the year when being alone is seen as even more tragic than usual. Christmas is a prime example. 

I’m not going to join in the chorus of “1001 ways to avoid being alone at Christmas” blog posts, because I don’t believe there’s anything tragic about being in your own on the holidays. Quite the opposite: it’s bliss. 

You get to spend the day doing whatever makes you happy. You get to eat your favourite foods. You get to decorate the house the way you like it (no more fake trees and multi coloured lights when your heart wants minimal and white. Or vv). You get the gifts you really want because you buy them for yourself.  How could it be anything BUT blissful? 

A colleague described how she spent  Christmas Day last year: she drove to a favourite beach,  sat in the tail of her station wagon with the gate open, had a picnic of snackable food, listened to music and sketched, painted and read for hours while watching the waves. 

Tell me that doesn’t sound like heaven. 

When I had the beach house I’d generally spend the day either outside in the sun reading in a deck chair, or inside by the fire if the weather was being contrary. This year, without the beach house, I’m going to be at home. I’ll read on my porch instead, or perhaps I’ll take a picnic up the road to sit in the botanic gardens. If it’s wet, I’ll have my picnic on my couch instead. Or maybe I’ll follow my colleague’s example and drive somewhere with a view just to enjoy it. 

Revel in a day where you have a license – an expectation even – to do what makes you happy. Make it a day of peace and joy.