Another year done

Here we are then, the final countdown. This time last year I was just getting to grips with my sister’s death and was looking ahead to a new job. 

This year I’m trying to understand where the year went. It seemed to rocket past. 

Looking back, work has been very busy and overall more satisfying than not. My social life has been satisfying even though it’s been quite drastically curtailed, but I don’t feel I’ve missed out. My health has been pretty good all things considered: no major debilitating flares, my blood work is good and I’ve avoided the  worst of the bugs flying around the office. 

One thing I have made little progress on is exercise and getting back into running. I still hold out hope – I belong to a Facebook group for runners with rheumatoid arthritis and there are a lot of people out there doing it so it’s clearly possible. Age and the fatigue that goes with the disease are against me but they shouldn’t be fatal to my goal. 

Then there’s my “Life 2.0” plan: getting myself match fit for retirement. I haven’t made much headway on this at all. It’s definitely a To Do for 2017. 

Overall 2016 didn’t go too badly. Nothing especially newsworthy happened, no real adventures or trips, but it feels like a pretty good year of the plain biscuit variety.