Learning to relax

Somewhere along the way I have lost sight of what down time looks like. 

I love reading personal productivity blogs and trying out ideas for keeping track of tasks and projects and ideas. Nothing wrong with that except that it’s spilled over into an unhealthy approach to the 2/3 of my life that isn’t work. 

I feel compelled to be productive all the time. The weekends are for getting jobs done and for recovering enough to go back to work. 

This seems really misguided. I’ve lost sight of how to do things for the sheer enjoyment of doing them. I feel guilty watching a TV show thinking I should be learning to program or cleaning the oven or doing calligraphy instead. And that all those activities should be leading towards a new career or passive income or, in the case of cleaning the oven, outsourced so I can spend that time making more money per hour than I spend on the home help. 

There was a time in my life when that approach made some sense, but that time is in the past. What I need more than passive income is some joy in my life. 

I’m so out of practice I am not sure where to start. Maybe I should return to the time-honoured tradition of having a nice cup of tea, and see where that leads.