Decluttering with a vengeance

I decided over the Christmas-New Year break to declutter my house. I didn’t think it was particularly stuffed full of extraneous things but when visitors came to stay and I tidied the guest room, I discovered a few boxes full of things I’d forgotten I had. I also have a lot of books and thought it was high time for a cleanout.

So clean out I did. I did my best Marie Kondo imitation and went through all my books, deciding which ones brought me joy (aka, do I think I’ll ever read this again) and which ones had done their service and could be released into the wild.

By the time I was done, I had over 250 books to get rid of, as well as a couple of boxes of clothes, shoes, and miscellaneous other stuff. Goodwill came and picked it all up on Friday, god bless them. Saturday I took the remains, the things they wouldn’t take, to the dump.

Finally, my living room is clear of the boxes of books that had been sitting under the bench, and the shelves that were stacked two deep are now breathing freely again.

There’s something very cathartic about cleaning out things. The sense of being released from outdated ideas, values, activities and ways of being is very liberating and feels optimistic.

About two hours after the goodwill truck left, a neighbour came knocking saying another neighbour said I’d moved out and was I selling. Apparently I really had tossed out a lot.