Balancing planning for the future with living in the present

My plans for the land purchase are quietly moving forward. I met with the lawyer, called the estate agent, planned the trip to see it (and another property that looks equally interesting). 

It’s both exciting and a bit surreal (and a little scary) to be thinking that in 5 years I could be living a whole new life. 

It’s also a bit distracting. I’ve still got a life to live day by day. 

Last night I had dinner with my nephew and I outlined to him my long term plans. I told him that he and his brother are beneficiaries of my estate (apparently that was news to him, I thought he knew but why would he as I’d never actually told him.) I explained that my plan was to gift over the assets to him and his brother by the time I’m 85, on the condition they buy me a little retirement unit to live out my days and give me an allowance. 

He was a bit puzzled as to why I was even thinking about things like this. He pointed out this was 30 years away. To which he added, “that’s longer than my lifetime so far”. He’s 28. 

It brought me up short. It’s peculiar how, at the midpoint of one’s life, the second half looks a whole lot shorter than the first. The first half is chock full of experiences and adventures and milestones, while the prospect of the second seems to be a gradual closing down of options. 

This is nonsense of course. And I’m glad my nephew reminded me of that. Thirty years is a long time, plenty long enough to have a whole lot of new adventures and experiences. 

Which is why it’s so easy to get caught up in the planning of the future, the land, the house, the chickens and beehives. It’s exciting. 

But now is good too. There’s plenty to do, and the future goal is a fantastic way to focus my energies and attention on the things I can do now that will help get me there.