The universe giveth, the universe taketh away

An early start on Saturday as I needed to  drive north to meet the land agent and tour the block of land I am considering buying. 

She was accompanied by Bill and it was some minutes into the tour before I realised that Bill owned the land and was there to tell me about it (nitrogen fixing deep cover clover or some such – the net result being rich green, long, lush grass) and to open the gates. Health & Safety rules being what they are, better he get zapped than us. 

The land is beautiful. The potential house site gets the sun all day and has a beautiful, endless view of the mountain range and the river valley. I was so enamoured I didn’t even think to pull out my phone to take pictures. 

Bill was a delight. As the agent had to run off Bill took me to see the pump house (for the stock water), the woodshed he renovated to live in while he built his proper home, and his  homestay accommodation which he proudly told me just got 5 stars on Google. His wife arrived, we chatted and I realised I liked them both. I could see myself belonging in that community. It just felt right. I’ll put in an offer this week. 

On that, the universe delivered, big time. 

So what did it take away? Turns out I have shingles. At first I thought they were flea bites (red, very itchy bumps) but now they are hot, red, angry welts and blisters  wrapping around my leg and making me feel poorly. They hurt like crazy: imagine a wire brush over sunburned skin. I am now on antivirals. More medication. Good thing I am an expert pill swallower by now because they are huge. 

I realise these two things are not equal, land and shingles. But when the shingles popped up they tempered my enthusiasm and caused me to question my ability to pursue this dream.  I am physically unsure I can do this – it’s going to take work and I don’t know how much of that I can manage. 

But as I sat there at the gate waiting for the agent to arrive, I thought, of course I’m scared and of course I doubt I can do it, because I haven’t done it before. But what’s the worst that can happen? I have to sell up. Not so catastrophic. 

It’d be far worse not to give it a go.