A new adventure begins

I got the land. I am now the proud owner of 23ha (55 acres) of prime grazing land facing north (sun – I’m in the Southern Hemisphere ) with a view of the river valley and the mountains behind. 

I’m a bit stunned, to be honest. Not quite buyers remorse, but I’ve been having some moments of terror of the “what was I thinking?” variety. Because this is a slightly mad adventure to be embarking on. Mind you, all the best adventures are mad. 

Twenty three hectares is a lot of land. It’s not farm sized, but it’s way bigger than lifestyle block. How on earth am I going to manage it all? On my own?

Tackling something like this would be an ambitious plan for a strong, healthy couple. For a single woman with rheumatoid arthritis, it doesn’t seem like a very sensible course of action. It’s going to take work, lots of it, and time and energy, and it’s that last one I’m most concerned about because it’s been in short supply. 

On the other hand, I’m really excited about this and I feel energised thinking about it, and it’s been a while since I felt that way about anything. In practical terms, the one thing I have on my side is time, so I can learn to pace myself with physical work. I am hoping that regular not-too-physical physical work, or not too much of it in a day, might in fact help with my RA and with my energy. Being enthusiastic counts for a lot. 

Farming neighbours are generally very willing to help out with local knowledge and advice. I know that my new neighbours will steer me in the right direction and of course there will always be people available who I can hire to help with things I can’t do on my own. So although I’m doing this alone, I can choose how alone I want to be. 

My procedure outcome was good news in disguise: they found nothing so I don’t know what’s causing the troubles, but it’s nothing big and obviously serious, so that counts as a win in my book. 

It’s been a pretty stressful week and it was hectic at work. And instead of recovering on my couch, I’m reuniting with old friends and doing a very easy tramping trip into the mountains. The fact I even said yes to this is an indication of just how energising the land purchase has been. 

Amazing how different life can look at the end of a week.