Taking things as they come

I thought I was getting the hang of pacing myself, but RA has a way of constantly reminding me that it’s really in charge. I had major pain in my hips and ended up in bed for three days, with pain and overwhelming fatigue. 

That passed as inexplicably as it arrived. I woke, the pain had dulled to a faint presence, and I had enough energy to get up, showered, dressed and out the door. Sometimes that is an achievement.  

Three days later, a beautiful sunny day and my friend Geoff invited me to go walking. Geoff has RA too so some portion of our walk is consumed with conversation about drugs, side effects, and our latest symptoms. 

I wasn’t sure how much I could manage, but we picked a place with multiple routes of varying lengths to allow us to turn back at any time. 

So we set off. Eleven km later we were back at the car. 

Today I’m pretty sore and tired, as to be expected. I’m also feeling really pleased that I could do that distance. I just wish I knew why one day I’m flat on my back and the next I’m hiking the hills. It makes no sense. There’s no rhyme or reason, and that’s the hardest part about living with this disease. 

I just have to learn to take it as it comes.